About Us

Vinay Pai

Vinay Pai, Founder

Vinay handles the technical side of things, and is responsible for all aspects of our product.  He wears many hats and depending on the day is either system architect, hacker, sysadmin or is fumbling his way through Photoshop.  He’s always interested in hearing about uses for micro-payments and product or feature ideas.

Before starting MuCash, he got his PhD in Computer Science from Stony Brook University, and then spent a few years as CTO of the online dating site OkCupid.

In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with various electronics and software projects, playing pool, poker.  In the evening he can often be spotted either at various tech and startup themed events in NYC, or running along the West Side Highway.

Ben Oaks

Ben Oaks, Co-Founder

Ben is responsible for the business side of MuCash.  He can often be found at any of the Starbucks around Manhattan, meeting with anyone who will listen to him espouse the advantages of MuCash.

While he has a diverse background that spans work in Fortune 50 companies, small businesses, government and non-profits, his passion is for creating new things.  He has an MBA from Cornell University.  Ben handles the non-technical aspects of the business, including business development, marketing, partnerships, etc…

When not working on MuCash, Ben has many hobbies.  He enjoys playing poker, riding his motorcycle, and is a swing dance instructor and DJ.

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