How it Works

MuCash is a micropayment platform designed to enable tiny transactions on the web—down to a single penny. By taking the friction out of transactions, we let you be on your way with just a few clicks, while letting authors get rewarded for their hard work.

Load Your AccountLoad Your Account

MuCash’s platform is built to allow faster and friendlier transactions while eliminating the need to enter your credit card information over and over again. To get started, you just need to sign up deposit some of your money into our system with your credit or debit card (as little as $1). The money is still yours though, until you decide to spend it at any of the MuCash enabled websites! We will never send your personal for payment information to anyone, and you won’t need to enter them again until you exhaust the balance in your account.


Find Cool StuffFind Cool Stuff

There is a growing list of sites that accept MuCash payments. You probably found us through one of our partner sites, when you wanted to get something they were selling, or to make a donation.  There are even more sites that accept MuCash for all sorts of cool things, from chess puzzles to guitar sheet music. Once you register, check your MuCash account for recommendations on additional places where you can use your MuCash balance.


Get it InstantlyGet it Instantly

This is the easy part to explain… once you have an account with MuCash, you are only a click or two away from getting anything that is sold through our platform.  No more forms to fill out or onerous processes to go through! Simply click on anything you want, and once you confirm your intentions, it’s yours.  We make it so that paying for the things you want and supporting the sites you love can be part of the normal browsing process.