What is MuCash?

MuCash is committed to making online content and digital goods viable and accessible while improving the overall experience that readers and users readers have while browsing.  To support this goal MuCash has created the following products:

Micropayment platform:  MuCash’s payment platform facilitates payments that enable readers to get the things they crave and while allowing them to support the sites they love. You can sign up for a MuCash account for free here.

WordPress Plugin:  We don’t just support payments we make them easy to implement. If you use WordPress, it takes as little as five minutes to get started using MuCash, through our WordPress Plugin. We currently support many options like donatations (associated with a post, page or user comment) and the ability to charge for content. We will be adding other features soon, but if you have a suggestion please feel free to leave us feedback.

Non-WordPress site support:  We will be releasing an API in the near future. In the meantime we support a donation button that can be placed anywhere on your site.